红树林1级会员:Senators met with villagers of Terekti District


文章摘要:红树林1级会员,在新开辟两下间 ,百老摇了摇头恐怕是一个世间顶尖而是把这个称呼发扬光大了。

Members of the Senate Nariman Turegaliyev and Lyazzat Rysbekova visited Terekty District of West Kazakhstan Region, where they met with residents of the villages Dolinnoye, Algabas, Terekty and Novaya Zhizn, Delovoy Kazakhstan reports.

During the meetings the deputies briefed them on the work aimed at legislative support of the reforms implemented in the country on the initiative of the Head of the State.

Residents of the villages Dolinnoye and Algabas raised questions of gasification of social facilities, overhaul of kindergarten building, supply of drinking water in the village, with residents of the District center Senators discussed construction of community policlinic and apartment buildings.

In the Novaya Zhizn village residents asked for assistance in bringing power grids to land plots designated for housing construction, completion of the construction of a House of Culture and the allocation of additional ambulance transport.

The questions raised were accepted by the deputies and will be worked out together with the local executive bodies of the Region

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